SpotCon: A remote Spotify controller

SpotCon is not a Spotify client. It’s simply a Spotify remote which can control and view the status of Spotify on a networked computer.



Download from MediaFire (337 Kb)

Source Code

See the GitHub repository

What does it do?

When run on each Windows machine on your home network where you’ve installed Spotify, SpotCon lets you do any of the following to any of the remote (or even local) Spotify clients:

  • Standard operations such as Play, Pause, Previous, and Next track.
  • See the status of the currently playing track, including artist, track name, album art and play position.
  • Search Spotify’s entire music library and remotely play any song.

What can’t it do (yet)?

  • Set the current play position. You can view it, but not set it.
  • Set the shuffle or repeat settings. These are both read-only (and cannot distinguish between repeat-all and repeat-one).
  • En-queue a list of songs. For now, it’s one-at-a-time.

How does it work?

SpotCon communicates with the Windows computers on your home network via TCP on port 1729. The first time you launch it you will be asked to make a Windows Firewall exception. Commands are sent between each  machine which are translated into actions that tell Spotify what to do. See the GitHub repository for the source code.

It doesn’t work. Fix it.

Create a new issue on the GitHub repository or shoot me a mail at

SpotCon: A remote Spotify controller

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